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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

First time I saw TDK I was really miffed by the complete change in artistic direction. A lot of the scenes took place in sterile daylight, a stark contrast to Batman Begins, which created a "world" - a believable and yet still comic-influenced Gotham. Not including the monorail, part of the Wayne's legacy in TDK annoyed me. I can see what people are saying about there were some HINTS it was still there, so that one annoys me the least.

It was actually moving WAYNE ENTERPRISES that annoyed me the most, I finally saw it in an IMAX double bill last night with BEGINS and noticed the tower in the background of the truck flipping scene - it was brief, and seemed unlabeled, but it was nice to see it in a film that seemed more CHICAGO than GOTHAM.

I get Nolan going for the "realist" angle by filming lots of exteriors, but changing building for Wayne into a suckier, potentially shorter building for the everything else grander scale sequel seemed more unrelated to the plot than it would be to just reuse exteriors of Wayne Tower.

The lack of the narrows - where Arkham Asylum was - was another irritant. In BB it was like some sort of shakespearean london - full of poverty and crime, a genuinely intimidating place, and to simply forget about it in the Dark Knight lost even more of the sense of Gotham so specifically created in Batman Begins.

I hope that Wayne Tower is in the inevitable third movie, and they hopefully make reference to criminals roaming the narrows. With any luck, the Dark knight commentary may allude to some of these irksome quirks!

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