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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
i wouldn't be surprised if Wayne tower ends being another building in the next one - or Akrham being in a different part of town in Gotham.

To be fair, it's the same Gotham, minus the Narrows really (and the Wayne Tower changes). CGI was still used to make the Chicago looking very vast in some shots, and to make Lake Michigan into the Atlantic. Check out the links for more details (It's not just Chicago with any enhancements),

I think the point being is that Nolan wanted Gotham to be a nice looking town, but very cold. The grit comes from the characters.
The Wayne Tower was still the same building. It can be seen during the batman-joker confrontation. Also, when the chopper first appears over the city ("lets give them some of their own medicine"), you can see that the whole city is normally lit, but Wayne tower is lit like a Christmas tree and it stands out. I dont think they would have done that for a random tower. It is Wayne tower.
That brown building that the meeting was held was just another Wayne Ind. building.

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