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Default Villains For Future Installments...

Just wanted to discuss what villains you guys wanted to see, how you would like to see them portrayed, etc...whether they continue with spin-offs, sequels, or reboot...

My choices...

Haven, again am I the only one who liked the character...a little bit about her: Haven was the best-selling author of a book about the new humanity that would be the result of humans and mutants evolving into one race. However, her true goal was to bring about this change by destroying three-quarters of the world in a Mahapralaya, or Great Destruction, as foretold in her Hindu teachings
It would be an interesting take on the Human-Mutant Situation...

Vulcan-I wouldn't mind a take of Deadly Genesis...this would be more for a reboot...but what I was thinking to continue to show the Professor manipulating Vulcan and the X-Men... have him in the end use his powers to again brainwash the X-Men and Vulcan into thinking Vulcan has been with the X-Men the entire time. Use this as a stepping stone to show what lenghts the Professor would go to and to develop the Professor into a darker character.

Mojo...I like Mojo okay...combine the Ultimate/616 versions...he won't be a main villain...maybe a recurring minor villain...First he appears as the Ultimate Version, overweight human...with his mutant hunting competition reality show...after his 1st encounter with the X-Men he's left horribly disfigured and becomes similar to the 616 version seeking revenge on them...

Who would you guys like to see?

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