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Default Re: Famke finally speaks her mind about the treatment of Phoenix in X3

Originally Posted by gap5ewl View Post
True. But she has said that all she wanted was some substance. She said that even if Storm would be in the film for ten minutes, she would be willing to do it as long as they were a meaningful ten minutes. So I can understand where she is coming at..
Her role was meaningful in the trilogy. Just not as meaningful and prominent as Halle wanted it to be or Storm fans expected it to be.
Originally Posted by gap5ewl View Post
Would've really hurt the Phoenix role if we had gotten a few minutes in the film where we see who Storm really is? Like her claustrophobia or her like in Kenya? These were lacking in the the films. X1 touched upon Storm a little bit though like her moment with Kelly and her accent ( would've been nice if that deleted scene with her and Rogue was left in though). X2 didn't really do much for her..the only meaningful part for her was her discussion with Nightcrawler.
You know Storm's african roots really should have been acknowledged more. In X1 they were planning a origin sequence that takes place there and in X3 she mentions it in a chat with Xavier but scene was cut - it's not even in the deleted scenes section just in one of the behind the scenes featurettes.
Originally Posted by I Am The Knight View Post
Bravo, Famke! Agreed completely. The Phoenix felt like a non-character in the film...Terrible. And that Ratner quote Retro posted..."Next scene, next scene, Keep moving, keep moving"

Oukay God I can't stand that man!
Usually it's Fox that makes those kinds of demands. They must have been shocked and pleased when he said that.

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