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Default Re: Black Widow or Madame Masque???

Originally Posted by SurfDUI View Post
Now I a concern is the next Iron Man being nothing more than a set up for a damned Live action Avengers. You could drag out the Layton/Michelline Madame Masque plotline over 2 movies alone.
I hope it stands alone-whomever they use as well as the first.
That's a worry for me as well, but Favreau and everyone involved have made strong comments about how they want to keep this in Iron Mans world. using Iron Man characters and not set up Avengers, I realize that Marvel wants to us Iron Man to build up Avengers.
I hope they stay true to Iron Man and not clutter the film with Avengers camos, I would feel the same about Batman or Superman setting up a JLA film, its not nessary, they sell themselves.

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