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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

Originally Posted by dodgers2213 View Post
TDK is insanely overrated

fight scenes are sloppy, little contuinity between TDK and BB, the story really flops for me, first 2 acts are really boring, felt really held back and tried too hard to satisfy parents with pointless one liners like "now thats not good....Now thats REALLY not good *whiny voice*", and from a huge batman fan's view....the fact that NO batarangs are thrown brings it down by half a star
I love it when people try to state their own opinion as a FACT. I think the movie gets better each time I watch it. The only thing "overrated" to me about TDK is that so many people think it's considerably better than Batman Begins. I love them both. They are my two favorite movies ever. I think Begins is more flawed, but not enough to where it makes $325 million less at the North American box office than its sequel. Ledger's performance in TDK is quite possibly the best villain ever put on film. Amazing work that continues getting better every time I watch it.

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