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Default Re: Favorite moment in the trilogy?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
X1 has loads of scene's that I simply love, in X2, practically every scene I love, and in X3, there are very few, if any scene's, that I do love.

But my personal favourite has to be Jeans sacrifice at the end of X2, one of the most well-directed, emotional, and amazing scene's in ANY CB movie. Jeans commentary over the end as the Pheonix is seen beneath the water is the perfect ending to the movie and still gets me giddy even to this day. Its a testament to the directing that I KNEW Jean wasnt dead and yet was still almost in tears at her 'death.' Its just a shame that the movie that came after it didnt reach even a slither of the potential the story had IMO.

But yeah, the whole of X2 was pretty much amazing to me and the closest to the 3 of the X-Men movie I have wanted to see since being a kid. But Jean's sacrifice just shades all of the other scene's for sheer emotional weight if anything else.
That is a great moment also, one of my favorite moments of the trilogy. This moment might be the best "comic to screen" moment of the trilogy. That climax encapsulates to me everything that X-Men is about in one moment.

X-Men: The Last Stand lives up to the hype, and disappoints, both at the same time.

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