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Default Re: Favorite moment in the trilogy?

Out of the available options, I chose:

"X-Men" - Wolverine and Rogue dialogue in truck
"X-Men" - Cyclops talking to comatose Xavier
"X2" - Nightcrawler White House attack
"X2" - Magneto escapes from prison
"X2" - Mid air dogfight in the Blackbird
"X2" - Wolverine vs. Lady Deathstrike
"X2" - Jean Grey sacrifice
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Phoenix vs. Xavier duel
Other not listed - Explain in post


"X-Men" - Xavier's narrative montage detailing his school, the X-Men and Magneto to Wolverine.
"X-Men" - Senator Kelly and Mystique in the chopper.
"X-Men" - Wolverine, Jean and Cyclops in Wolverine's bedroom.
"X-Men" - Xavier's first use of Cerebro.
"X-Men" - Magneto standing down the police, Jean and Xavier.
"X-Men" - Xavier plays Chess with Magneto in his plastic prison.
"X2" - Museum scene.
"X2" - Magneto uses Cerebro.
"X2" - Jean and Storm confront Nightcrawler in the Church.
"X2" - Xavier visits Magneto/Cyclops fights guards and Deathstryke.
"X2" - Stryker raids the Mansion.
"X2" - Bobby, Pyro, Rogue and Wolverine at Bobby's house.
"X2" - Nightcrawler and Storm's discussion in the back of the X-Jet.
"X2" - X-Men, Magneto and Mystique at the camp.
"X2" - X-Men, Magneto and Mystique on the X-Jet
"X2" - Jean fights Cyclops.
"X2" - Nightcrawler teleports Storm into Dark Cerebro.
"X2" - X-Men in the President's office.
"X2" - Xavier, Cyclops, Wolverine and students in Xavier's office.
"X2" - Phoenix aura beneath Alkali and Jean's ending monologue.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Grieving Cyclops and his exchange with Wolverine.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Angel refusing the cure.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Magneto's first speech.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Beast visits Worthington Labs and Leech.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Cyclops at Alkali Lake (before Phoenix rises).
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Phoenix threatens Magneto with the cure.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Magneto scolding Pyro.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Magneto's speech at the encampment.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - [ALTERNATE SCENE] Iceman telling Wolverine, Storm and Beast that he, Kitty and Colossus are going to fight alongside them before boarding the X-Jet.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Kitty and Leech versus Juggernaut.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Iceman ices up to defeat Pyro.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Magneto being cured.
"X-Men: The Last Stand" - Ending scene with Magneto playing chess by himself.

This post was premedicated.
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