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Default Re: Villains For Future Installments...

Originally posted by Rich Santoro
Adrian Paul for the Sebastian Shaw:

i love the hellfire club and would love to see new original characters, ive had enough of seeing magneto, mystique and pyro in every movie so far.

i think that it should have classic characters like shaw(well casted above) and emma frost and we could add some cool new characters like Mitus Frost(my own creation )

Mitus is emma's younger half-brother and can become really small, he is also a genius and creates gadgets like his digital high-tech watch. It could also be cool to see a relationship with him and Shadowcat(he can create Lockheed and give it to her to spy on X-men)

so this is my design, feel free to improve or re-draw the character if u can draw better than me(which is pretty easy lol, i only have paint)

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