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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

Originally Posted by rogue trooper View Post
I'm a huge Phantom fan, and if you go to you will find that many share my enthusiasm. What I've heard so far from the film, nothing seems out of league from what The Phantom should be.
Agreed. Boyle has done everything right when it comes to pleasing fans so far. He even sent me an email where he said they were making the film for the fans as much as possible.


I'm not having a good feeling about this. I mean, as much as I want a new Phantom movie I'm not desperate. It's too early to say anything but so far no good feelings. He has way too many references to other movies, big hits or not. I would like to start hearing his own ideas. The way he talks implies lack of own creativity. You don't see Bryan Singer or Nolan mentioning other superhero movies when they are talking about their own.
That is just not true. Nolan mentioned Superman The Movie as an inspiration for BB, and Singer? Heck, he just made the ultimate tribute movie in Superman Returns, and frequently talked to the press about how much he loved the Donner film.

Boyle definetely has his own ideas, but is not allowed to reveal all of them. According to answers to fans' questions on the Chronicle Chamber boards, he will prefer to devote around 30 minutes of screen time to the 1st Phantom. That means we'll get a movie that features half an hour set in the 1500s, which is both original to superhero movies and faithful to the comic.

The concept of a successor to the legacy who is in doubt if he wants to be the Phantom or not, is not entirely new (Falk used it, Egmont's done it), but it could make for a great movie.

To shamelessly promote something I wrote myself, I recently did an article for CC about what I feel is important to a Phantom movie. It's tounge-in-cheek, but there is a message in there:

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