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Default Re: Villains For Future Installments...

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
I think they need to stick with the realism that was set in the first trilogy as much as possible, so they need to stay as far away from villains like Apocalypse.

The Hellfire Club, Project Wideawake with Trask and the Sentinels, or Sinister as a whacked out scientist.
I agree, Apocalypse would never work. They need to do something realistic with him if they ever use the character.

They can keep the Egyptian motif if they need too. Maybe make him Morroccan instead, like Storm is in the Ultimate Universe, since that's more realistic.

He could be a morroccan boy who grew up worshipping Storm and comes to america to meet her. When she rejects him for not having any powers, he goes crazy and steals a lot of technology from Forge's appartment and becomes Apocalypse. Mainly, it's a story about Storm and her impact on society with people dressing like her and worshipping her and stuff like that.

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