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Default Re: Villains For Future Installments...

Originally Posted by Mitus View Post
i think that it should have classic characters like shaw(well casted above) and emma frost and we could add some cool new characters like Mitus Frost(my own creation )

Mitus is emma's younger half-brother and can become really small, he is also a genius and creates gadgets like his digital high-tech watch. It could also be cool to see a relationship with him and Shadowcat(he can create Lockheed and give it to her to spy on X-men)

so this is my design, feel free to improve or re-draw the character if u can draw better than me(which is pretty easy lol, i only have paint)
I also which they would be more creative sometimes.

I really liked how they improved Callisto and Arclight in X3, even though that movie was the worst of the bunch. Nightcrawler and Mystique are great examples of how you can improve character designs.

I'd be open to new characters to keep the series fresh and if succesful, you can bring them in the comic.

3 important things

1) Make him/her related to an existing character. If makes it more grounded to the comic world. Think Spike in X-Evolution. I always wondered about White Queen's family.

2) Markettable: If your character has cool gadgets, it helps with the marketting.

3) Terrifying. If its a villain, he should have identifying marks as such. From the drawing you supplied, he looks more like a hero than a villain. But I'm open to such ideas.

Anyways! Sorry for the long post!!!!

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