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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

Originally Posted by rogue trooper View Post
That was the initial thought when the funding for Donner's Superman was being done.
We aren't talking about Superman here. We are talking about a property who had a big movie done in the 1990's and it flopped. Superman is one of the most iconic characters of all time. He's a household name. The Phantom is not.

Batman Begins? Incredible Hulk? Casino Royale?
Erroneous. Erroneous. Erroneous.

Don't make me laugh with your HORRIBLE Casino Royale example. I hated Die Another Day. But guess what? The movie still made a ton of money. I think it made about $160 million US and even more worldwide. That's pretty good for a Bond movie. I'm glad they rebooted it, but we are not talking about Phantom situation here. James Bond is a world-renowned popular character. Bond has and always will have popularity and recognition that the Phantom doesn't.

Same with Batman. The Incredible Hulk was hardly a home run out of the park for a reboot since it did comparable business to Hulk 2003, and Marvel isn't serious about doing sequels to the Incredible Hulk right now.

Start with some valid, legitimate examples. Which none of the above are not.

Simple. What works in comics does not always translate as well on screen. Hence, changes are needed. Example; Batman's suit in BB & TDK, Wolverine's suit on X-Men films, and Night Owl, Ozymandias and Silk Spectre's costume changes in Watchmen. And there's also the "arguably" appropriate costume changes of Daredevil and The Spirit.
Batman there's a precedence for establishing Batman using a high tech suit and armor. Jim Lee once did a diagram showing how Batman's armor works on the interior of his suit. Even the booby traps in the Bat mask were done in the pages of Batman comics during the Hush storyline years before the Nolans used it in Dark Knight.

My simple point about the costume is that Boyle's not really given a good idea what they would change about the costume. He speaks so much about loving and respecting the material, but the Phantom has never been a high tech gadget type of character really.

Watchmen costumes were altered, but they are still very colorful and comic-booky.

Spider-man's movie costume they settled on a costume that was closer to the classic design instead of Alex Ross' more modern, sleeker design.

Just saying, for a character like Phantom, Boyle didn't really get across how you change his costume and make it work. The X-men have constantly been through various costume changes for years and years. By today's standards their original uniforms were bland as heck and were two colors.

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