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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

We aren't talking about Superman here. We are talking about a property who had a big movie done in the 1990's and it flopped. Superman is one of the most iconic characters of all time. He's a household name. The Phantom is not.
You do know that the funding for Superman The Movie came from the Salkinds, who were producers from Europe, right? They bought the rights for Superman after seeing the success of the french version of Zorro with Alain Delon and their own Three Musketeers. At that particular time, the Superman comics' sales weren't doing too well, and to the mainstream Superman was still associated with the George Reeves show, which did not take itself seriously and was mainly for kids. The Salkinds were the ones who saw Superman as an epic film.

It's the same with this new Phantom project. The funding is coming from overseas, where the character is very popular.

The Incredible Hulk was hardly a home run out of the park for a reboot since it did comparable business to Hulk 2003, and Marvel isn't serious about doing sequels to the Incredible Hulk right now.
The DVD sales of TIH were excellent and a sequel is being considered. People have seen the film, and they don't talk about how it performed at the box office, but how good a film it is.

Also, it's been 12 yrs. since the 1996 film. People can forget. The 1990 Captian America movie I'm sure won't be an obstacle for the new Cap film.

My simple point about the costume is that Boyle's not really given a good idea what they would change about the costume. He speaks so much about loving and respecting the material, but the Phantom has never been a high tech gadget type of character really.

Just saying, for a character like Phantom, Boyle didn't really get across how you change his costume and make it work. The X-men have constantly been through various costume changes for years and years. By today's standards their original uniforms were bland as heck and were two colors.
He hasn't said anything about it being high tech, for one. He did give a basic and valid statement of how to approach the suit for film. He will eventually give more updates, I'm sure.

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