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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

Originally Posted by rogue trooper View Post
You do know that the funding for Superman The Movie came from the Salkinds, who were producers from Europe, right? They bought the rights for Superman after seeing the success of the french version of Zorro with Alain Delon and their own Three Musketeers. At that particular time, the Superman comics' sales weren't doing too well, and to the mainstream Superman was still associated with the George Reeves show, which did not take itself seriously and was mainly for kids. The Salkinds were the ones who saw Superman as an epic film.
Yeah I know all about the Salkinds. And I also know about Richard Lester.

I also know if they had their way the movie would've been a piece of **** if not for Richard Donner. Who they got rid of.

Also before that time, there had never been a theatrical Superman movie before. We aren't talking about a failed attempt at a movie beforehand. Not to mention, the Reeves show was very popular in its time.

It's the same with this new Phantom project. The funding is coming from overseas, where the character is very popular.
Overseas the movie didn't do all that hot either.

The DVD sales of TIH were excellent and a sequel is being considered. People have seen the film, and they don't talk about how it performed at the box office, but how good a film it is.
DVD sales for Hulk 2003 were also "excellent" but they still didn't make a sequel. You are drawing at straws here.

Kevin Feige all but said that Hulk's had his chance and they are doing other movies at the moment. There's no Hulk sequel lined up for the foreseeable future. Read between the lines.

Also, it's been 12 yrs. since the 1996 film. People can forget. The 1990 Captian America movie I'm sure won't be an obstacle for the new Cap film.
People still remembered the stink of Batman and Robin when Batman Begins came out. I'm not saying it's IMPOSSIBLE to do. I'm just saying it's very hard to do. It was hard for Batman to do it, but it managed it ultimately. Hulk wasn't quite able to do it and far surpass the 2003 movie. But Phantom doesn't have circumstances of Batman. Like tons of toys, cartoons, ancillary markets, popular comics, and basically being a household name.

When Cap comes out Albert Pyun probably won't be a problem because in case you don't remember, the movie was never even released in theatres in America! So we aren't talking about something that was out and people had access to it like CINO.

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