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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

Yeah I know all about the Salkinds. And I also know about Richard Lester.

I also know if they had their way the movie would've been a piece of **** if not for Richard Donner. Who they got rid of.

Also before that time, there had never been a theatrical Superman movie before. We aren't talking about a failed attempt at a movie beforehand. Not to mention, the Reeves show was very popular in its time.
Look, what I'm getting at is that you're questioning the budget of the film. Right now superhero movies are in high demand. The Phantom is exremely popular overseas in Australia and in Scandinavia more than it is here. But it's still a bit popular here. The producers obviously believe that now is the right time for a Phantom film.

People still remembered the stink of Batman and Robin when Batman Begins came out. I'm not saying it's IMPOSSIBLE to do. I'm just saying it's very hard to do. It was hard for Batman to do it, but it managed it ultimately. Hulk wasn't quite able to do it and far surpass the 2003 movie. But Phantom doesn't have circumstances of Batman. Like tons of toys, cartoons, ancillary markets, popular comics, and basically being a household name.
...yeah, but Batman & Robin was a very exposed piece of crap. The Phantom flopped because it had a poor marketing, since Paramount decided to focus more on Mission Impossible. The Phantom actually got some pretty decent reviews. Unlike B & R, alot of the fandom liked The Phantom. Both Siskel and Ebert praised it. The film is actually now seen as a cult classic.

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