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Originally Posted by rogue trooper View Post
...yeah, but Batman & Robin was a very exposed piece of crap. The Phantom flopped because it had a poor marketing, since Paramount decided to focus more on Mission Impossible. The Phantom actually got some pretty decent reviews. Unlike B & R, alot of the fandom liked The Phantom. Both Siskel and Ebert praised it. The film is actually now seen as a cult classic.
The film has also done great business on DVD and VHS, enough that some months ago, there were rumours that Paramount had bought back the rights to the character to make a sequel with Zane returning.

The current Batman movie's that's out on DVD has made $1 billion in worldwide BO. Something a Phantom movie will never do.
Who says it would?
Not even Superman can do that big business, it would be very unrealistic to think the Phantom could. That doesn't mean it can't be a profitable film that will spawn a sequel. Remember, it's being made in a country where the character is HUGE. Even the Zane film was a success in Australia.

I get your reboot points, but I don't think they've ever really been proven, perhaps excluding Punisher: War Zone... Incredible Hulk was made for a lot more money than the Phantom is expected to cost, and WAS a very popular film. If they'd spent less on it, we'd have seen a sequel announced soon, I'm sure (Superman Returns suffered from the same problem).

What would they say about the Phantom and if you told them a new one was being made?
They'd know very well it is a comic. The Phantom is more famous than Batman, Superman and Spider-Man combined over here. He's an icon in my part of the world.

OK but he's referenced the changes to the Batman costumes before. The other thing is, he says they need to change and update the costume. My point is he's not done a really good job of expressing how they would do that. If they aren't adding a ton of gadgets, how much can they truly change the costume? Are they going to put him in black rubber, leather, armor or what?
I'd imagine we'll get a darker purple, or possibly gray, as Falk originally described the costume. Way too early to tell, though, but I am hopeful it won't be a "muscle suit".

Well, first comparing the 1996 Phantom with Batman and Robin is not only invalid but almost a sacrilege. The Phantom was actually a good movie and quite fun and got some descent reviews. Besides it was very loyal to the character with very few exceptions. Batman and Robin was a travesty plain and simple.
Second the Phantom is a character which does have a lot of potential and the 1996 movie takes nothing away from it. Honestly, Batman being more known and all, B&R took more away from Batman Begins than the 1996 Phantom ever will from a new Phantom movie and Begins did just fine. It wasn't because Batman is well known. It was because it was a great movie. Batman's reputation couldn't save Batman and Robin. If the new Phantom is a great movie the fact the Phantom is not well known in the U.S. won't matter. I can bet that worldwide more people know the Phantom than they do Iron Man. It doesn't matter that Iron Man has not had a movie before. It did well because it was a great movie and that's all that matters.
The Phantom is a very interesting character with a lot of potential. The idea that it will be very hard to do a successful Phantom movie based on your opinion of how known he is or how good the 1996 movie did is not valid at all. Iron Man was not known and it did great. Superman is arguably the most famous superhero on earth and got beat by Iron Man. It's about the movie, the story and not about how well known the character is or if his prior movies have been hits or not. This is just not how it works. When a movie comes out people will see the trailer and if the trailer inspires confidence they will go see that movie. If thy like what they see they won't care for any prior movies as long as the one coming out looks good. Look at Terminator Salvation. It will probably do good business even thought T3 sucked. The trailers look good.
About your question why would anybody want to invest $87 million in a Phantom movie, much more has been invested in more crappy and less known superheroes and comic book characters.
Having said that, as with any superhero movie we need a visionary director to bring this to life. If they get any hack to direct this it will probably tank like so many other superhero movies did for the same reasons.
Agree with every word. Well said.

I'm not sure if Boyle is the "visionary" we need, simply because I've never seen any of his films. However, his latest flick, The Plex, got really good reviews and was released nationwide in Australia (that's what I read anyway) despite having a budget of about 30 000 bucks. They're also making a TV-series spin off from it, so I think that is quite promising.

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