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Default We had Smallsvile? Is it time for Gotham?

Despite everyones mixed reviews of Smallsvile, It has been a success. But i wonder, are we ready for a new Batman Live Action series?

The problem with The Batman is that its more popular than Superman. In the term of there is more Batman related media out there than Superman... everytime i look around he's ever in a comic, as a cartoon series, new toy line or big screen film.

So it got me thinking... What about a Batman Live Action series, like Smallsvile but doesnt focus on Bruce Wayne?

Picture this...

G.P.D (Gotham Police Department)
Synopsis: Newly appointed Comissioner Gordon seeks to clean up gotham from the mobish culture that has spawned theatrical fends and villians. The series will follow Gordon and his team trying to solve riddles, playing the Joker's games, playing Cat and Mouse and investigating and going undercover to finally resolve the biggest mystery of all Who Is The Batman?


Comissioner Gordon - Leading The Team
Detective Flass - A Currept "Weak Link" member of the team.
Detective Yin - Newly transfered member
Detective Tankinson - The Bumbling comical relief
Detective Allen - The police veteran

I think The Batman, Robin, Batgirl and Nightwing should not appear but there presence is felt. For example, Barbara could turn up for a cameo role... Being that Gordon and his team is the focus of the show as a crime scene investigation style format. Also the fact that they are facing the same villians that Batman is facing and the fact that these villians are defeated by batman, not shown in the tv series but you would be informed of his presence and then there is Wayne himself who could cameo or have a recurring role as one of the faces of gotham... but only seen by Gordon as a rich playboy who is enjoying his money.

So what do you think?

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