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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

Originally Posted by bweurk View Post
I like the idea of a TV serie, may be not a continuation of Nolan's movies, but in the same gritty realistic style. It could be a combination of a Batman Show and a Gotham Central show, with episodes centered on Batman and others where he would only appear as a cameo, I thik it would help having better actors without taking too much of their time.
I agree with those who say it should be done by HBO, Showtime, or FX (I'm a fan of the Shield)
I think they could even use Robin (whom i don't want in the movie), for exemple, make him appear in season 3, he is a teenager (15-16 years old) who gives informations to Batman (his CI) to help him fight criminality, and at the end of the season, his parents are murdered because he helped batman. Filled with guilt, Wayne adopt him. During the next season, Wayne learns that he has a heart illness because of his use of steroids (i think it would be good to show that Wayne is so much into his war that he is destroying himself) and because he is afraid he could not see the end of his battle, he starts training Grayson to become his successor...

Also, any ideas for the actors?
As a fan of the shield, i could see Walton Goggins or Jay Karnes as the Joker, what do you think?

I'm for a BTAS style show or a Gotham Central show. HBO or FX would be the dream networks.

I'd actually like to see Gotham Central, more. It'd be something new, and Batman not being the primary focus I don't think would matter much. Particularly if it's as well written as the comic was or any other really good police drama like The Wire or The Shield. I've wanted to see a show like this long before the comic came and when it did it just sparked even more interest because, well, it worked...damn well. If ****ville could be such a hit, this definitely can.

One other note, this is about the Nolan movies as well as the show, I don't see why people think villains like Clayface, Mr Freeze, and Croc are so out there. The original version of Clayface was just an actor who became a serial killer or hitman or something and used extensive makeup and such to alter his appearance (therefore the name 'Clayface'). Mr Freeze just needs a few alterations here and there (check out the 'how would you change characters to fit BB' thread for some really good ideas). And when you get down to it, Croc is just a big, nasty man with a bad skin condition (epidermolitic hyperkeratosis[sp?]). I have no idea what comic creator came up with the idea of turning him into mini-Godzilla but they should be smacked.

Point is, most of the Rogues gallery are easy made 'realistic' without drastically changing the character or removing what makes them...them.

So far this quest is a breeze. I've already killed a dead monster, what's next? We're going to open an unlocked door? Rescue a princess from herself?
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