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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

I'm not sure if he's right for the film either, simply because I have never seen his previous work. However, his latest movie, The Plex, got some good reviews online, and I read they're possibly making a spin-off TV-show of it. I think he sounds like an enthusiastic fan of the character, and I think King Features' trust in him should count for something (at least I hope so!).
Also, keep in mind his previous films were basically all no-budget...
I have faith in the guy, and choose to remain optimistic.

The blue used for the costume in Scandinavia is usually much darker than the blue normally used for Spidey and Superman's costumes... A deep, dark blue, that looks a bit more believeable on somebody pretending to be a ghost than purple, I think. Then again, like you say, a dark purple could look great on screen. If people accept a red and yellow armour on Iron Man, I don't see why they could not accept a guy in a dark purple outfit.

Here are some nice examples of the blue costume (on some awesome covers from the Norwegian comic) for people to enjoy:

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