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Default Re: Does anyone else want a new X-men video game

Originally Posted by Chris Wallace View Post
Although, if they kept up the theme of tying in w/the movies, Callisto would be a real pain in the @$$ to fight.

Loved the Arcade and Sega Games...I loved Children of the Atom (Spiral was my favorite in that game) and X-Men vs Street Fighter (arcade not the playstation version, even though I had it...)......I really loved the 2 Mutant Academy games...I hated Next Dimension though...

and I love the X-Men Legends games....

but I think it would be interesting to do direct adaptations of some of the big X-Stories in video game form...even though Rise of Apocalypse was partially inspired by the Age of Apocalypse...(and The Twelve)...I would totally love to see an Age of Apocalypse game...even a Fatal Attractions game...(even though Children of the Atom was set in that story)...

What about Messiah Complex in video game form...? me that would be cool......maybe if they ever decide to do X-Men Legends 3?

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