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Originally Posted by Ultradude View Post
I think the Phantom could use some darkness. Actually he should. The character is somewhat dark, has always been. I mean he is the ghost who walks. He needs darkness.He definitely broods too. But that doesn't mean he needs to be like Batman and he d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y needs not the Dark Knight treatment. Stay away from anything Nolan, Begins or Dark Knight and this is where this Boyle dude is losing me. He seems too kin on the Dark Knight concept.

I actually think a BB, TDK-like style would suit the character well. He is an extraordinary being in an ordinary world, and the semi-realism of Nolan's movies are essentially what we've seen done in the Phantom comic since it started.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being inspired by these movies, in fact, I applaud it if they are ambitious enough to try and reach that kind of quality. As I've said before, there are already two light hearted Phantom films that I enjoy, time for something different with the character on screen.

Talking about his reply to the 44 points in the article, I wish half of it wasn't the useless "point taken – but you'll have to wait to see what we're doing". I mean, might as well have not replied. This can be anything. It can be "well, that's how we are doing it but I am not allowed to tell you.", it can be "We will never do that but I'm trying to be polite and or suck up to the fans and don't want to admit it", or "That's how I was thinking of doing it but now that you have guessed it I may change it all now so I can do an idea only I had". I mean really, might as well had come with a " Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions. " Would be as useful. But I guess everything is valid in the name of P.R.
I read he has in his contract that there is only so much he can say about the plot and so on, therefore, he could probably not comment any further on so many of the points. One of them, as an example, about the Phantom's father having to die in order for the film to work; if he had said "Agreed" on that one, it would have been a spoiler about what happens to the father in the movie.

About touching bases with the fans, he has to do that. This is all he has. He's a nobody really and he knows all it takes for him to lose his job is for a more established director to snap his fingers and manifest interest and Boyle is gone, maybe even as a writer as the new director may bring his own team of writers as it often happens with these things. All he can do now is try to win the fans support. If he was a big shot you would most likely never see him replying like that. I for one hope some bigger director takes over so we can have a kick ass movie with an original vision and way far away from the Dark Knight.
Actually, Steven De Souza, writer of Die Hard 1 and 2 and many other successful (and often rubbish) action films, took time to reply to fan questions and did interviews with fansites when he was on the old "The Ghost Who Walks" project years ago...
But hey, I get your point. Boyle is little known, and I am not sure if he is right to direct this thing, simply because I've never seen his previous work. If they are to get a more experienced, and likely Aussie, director, I think George "Mad Max" Miller could be a good choice. He has the balls for this type of movie, judging by "The Road Warrior". Let's all just forget about his Justice League project...

By the way Walker, which Moonstone issue had the story he had to face child soldiers?
It's an excellent trilogy published in Phantom #17, 18 and 19, called Invisible Children, written by the ever excellent Mike Bullock, the best thing to happen to the character since, well, I can't remember that far back. Highly recommended reading!

funny enough, i'm getting the Billy Zane Phantom flick through Netflix today.
Hope you enjoy it, if you've not already seen it. It's a fun movie that shouldn't be taken too seriously.

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