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Originally Posted by Seth71 View Post
But even with all that people are saying they don’t want another light hearted movie but how else could it be? It has to be light hearted and tong in cheek in order to have all this in a movie set in 2009. To have a serious film drastic changes will have to be made. People seem to forget to consider little details like these when talking about a 2009 Phantom. So I think fans will have to choose, light hearted and loyal since the Phantom seems a light hearted character or serious and darker and with a lot of changes.
I don't agree with you here, Seth.

For one, the Phantom is not merely a jungle guy on a horse, but believed to be an immortal ghost, "The Man Who Never Dies". Few people are sure if he exists at all, and his myth is very much a part of (fictional) African culture among superstitious bad guys. His mystique is essential; without it he is just a guy in tights. The Phantom used his reputation and persona to scare the crap out of antagonists long before Bruce Wayne was even "born"... I fail to see how this is any more silly than a billionaire weapons dealer who manages to build a high-tech armour in a terrorist base in the middle of nowhere, or a geeky teenager receiving weird powers from a radioactive spider.

Second, the Phantom has always been set in modern times, ever since the strip started. So we already have a 2009 Phantom.

The strip evolved as the times evolved, and the Phantom fought terrorism, drug lords and similiar issues long before it became "trendy" for fictional heroes to do so. I don't think the character is in need for a major update, as he has followed the times while still staying faithful to the original concept (albeit thankfully with some tweaking of the "jungle lord" aspect, which Falk basically got rid of in the early fifties).

Writers have always taken the character seriously, unlike the aforementioned heroes, and the comic has never been "camp" or aimed at children. It has followed the times, and has had a much more consistent tone than any other series I know of, yet it has mainained amazing variety in its plots.

The very concept of the Phantom is dark. He was born out of tragedy, when his father and all of his shipmates were murdered by pirates, and swears a crazy as hell sacred oath on the skull of his father's killer, an oath that demands that all his "sons and their sons" will sacrifice their own happiness for what is seen as a greater cause... Bruce Wayne looses sleep over his daddy being killed, but how would he feel if each and every one of his forefathers had been murdered all the way back to the early 1500s?

If you want to see how the character works in today's world, check out the excellent work done by Moonstone Books, or what Mark Verheiden did for the DC series in 1990. Once again, I recommend you read the comic book this movie stole its name from, "The Phantom: Legacy", by Ben Raab and Pat Quinn. It's done in the style of what a Phantom chronicle would really look like, and is a great read.

I always said the Phantom is easily the most usable of all costume heroes, since you can naturally place him in pretty much any time you want to, and I stand by that claim.

BTW, good point about the guns. They could definetely need to be upgraded to newer models.

so i saw a trailer to one of Tim Boyle's films, The Plex. Man, it looks so amaturish. I's a low budget flick, but I'm just a tad worried about this now. Even though I'm iffy on the guy who is tapped to direct Green Lantern, at least he's been in the biz for a while. Here, Tim Boyle is literally a nobody. Which is great for newbies (it's time for new talent right?) but it's to tell how he is as a writer and a filmmaker thus far.
Well, that film was made for a budget consisting of... nothing.
I can't really defend something I haven't seen, but I know the film got some good reviews. I cross my fingers Boyle is at least the right person to write Legacy.

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