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Default Re: Favorite moment in the trilogy?

my favorite scene out of the x-men movies and maybe any movie is in the first one when wolverine throws the guy he just fought in the cage up against the wall and his claws come out (one on each side of his neck and then that middle one comes out towards his neck slowly) thats the best scene ever,also when rouge asks wolverine when they come out does it hurt and he replied every time,that was a good scene,and right after that when you see him heal for the first time was great too, i also loved it when magneto pulled the guns away from the police and then shot that one cop but held the bullet back(he didn't give him self enough credit,im sure he could have held all the bullets back with ease),

in the second movie i liked the nightcrawler assassination attempt,(bamf) and of course when mystique put the iron in the guards blood and magneto used it to escape from "The Vault" or at least its the vault in my imagination (i dont know if it had another name in the movie),i also liked seeing mystique disguise herself as different people to gain entry to those computer files,

in the third movie i liked seeing magneto and charles back in the day when they were BFF's, i also liked the scene when pyro said he would have killed xavier if he got the chance and magneto said something like "you have no idea how much that man did for mutants,my only regret is that he had to die for my vision to live" it was touching,when magneto broke mystique out of the mobile jail cell was a cool scene,him picking up the golden gate bridge was cool, and something i liked but i dont understand why they just plopped it at the end of the credits was how they show charles xavier not dead but that he had put his concesnous into the body of that man in acoma.

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