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Default Re: Sub Mariner

Originally Posted by Keyser Soze View Post
I'm not reading it myself, but I've read about it, and taken a look at it in the shop. Basically, it's a Sub-Mariner story where the Sub-Mariner isn't even in it. It's about this research team who travel to the depths in a submarine, seeking to find the lost city of Atlantis and disprove the existence of the legendary Sub-Mariner who protects it.

What follows is a whole lot of deep sea exploration with little success, as the crew gradually turns against each other. All the while the captain of the expedition, explorer Randalph Stein, is haunted by dreams of the Sub-Mariner coming from the depths to claim him. And then it's uncertain whether this is a premonition, Namor making contact with him, or just the guy going utterly insane.
I must say, that sounds like an awesome way to do a Sub-Mariner film.

I'll have to check this out when it becomes a trade.

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