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Default Re: Official Transformers ROTF merchandise thread.

Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
Yep, Hasbro and Mattel were both pretty blatant in their use of repaints back in the '80s. I guess kids back then were just more tolerant of having the exact same mold with only the colors and names being different.

Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker, Ironhide/Ratchet, Optimus/Ultra Magnus, He-Man/Faker, Beast-Man/Moss-Man, Mer-Man/Stinkor, etc....

Funny to see Hasbro pulling the same crap with Transformers today. I just recently saw the "Classics" version Jetfire repainted with a new name at my local Target.
I just can't have 2 or 3 identical TF's on my shelf, even if they're diff colors. Goes against everything I stand for

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