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Default Re: Sub Mariner

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
it sounds like Solaris, Sunshine, and Event Horizon..underwater!
That's what The Depths reads like too, from what I've seen. Dripping with atmosphere and dread, and would make for a brilliant film. But sadly, it's a film we're unlikely to see, since some producers likely still think comic book movies only appeal to the "LOLZ ME WANTS TEH EXPLOSIONZ~!" mindset that ANTOINE X demonstrated above.

Superhero movies need to change up their format and try different approaches, if the genre is to have long-term viability rather than just being a flash in the pan. It's not a case of being "afraid" of people finding Sub-Mariner ridiculous. It is a less is more approach, building up to a climactic reveal and steadily building tension in the process, rather than simply going for Comic Book Origin 101.

Besides, the Sub-Mariner was never truly comfortable amongst the glossy, cheery superheroes, in my opinion. He is a product of an earlier, darker era. And The Depths captures that pulp sensibility of the character perfectly.

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