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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

Originally Posted by Walker View Post
I should add that I find the Phantom to be the most believeable costume hero of them all, and another major reason for this is that the villains he fights are for the most part considerably more down to earth and realistic than what you find in most other comics. I hope that is kept in a movie, with no superpowered bad guys or another weapon of doom or something.
Drax and Quill in the Billy Zane film were...generic to say the least. It wasn't until the Sighn Brotherhood came in that the bad guys got interesting.

I just hope that the villains that Tim Boyle has included in the script will be interesting enough. The hero is only as good as the villain, an adage that stands true. In fact, villains are always the hook for me when it comes to an action/adventure/comic film. If they fail to be a threat, then the movie in some capacity has failed. The sense of 'doom' and 'danger' has to be there; otherwise, what's the point of the movie?

That's why I like the villains to be grounded, but still have that slight larger-than-life appeal with a sense of a heighten reality. A Hans Gruber business type would work well if the charisma is there. The Sighn Brotherhood could work well, or a modern band of pirates.

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