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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

I rather liked Quill, but I think Kabai Singh and his pirates should have been the main bad guys. Cary Tagawa was fantastic in that role, and you've got to love a character who is proud to describe himself evil.

I just hope that the villains that Tim Boyle has included in the script will be interesting enough. The hero is only as good as the villain, an adage that stands true. In fact, villains are always the hook for me when it comes to an action/adventure/comic film. If they fail to be a threat, then the movie in some capacity has failed. The sense of 'doom' and 'danger' has to be there; otherwise, what's the point of the movie?

That's why I like the villains to be grounded, but still have that slight larger-than-life appeal with a sense of a heighten reality. A Hans Gruber business type would work well if the charisma is there. The Sighn Brotherhood could work well, or a modern band of pirates.
Sure, agree with you here, and that grounded, but still kind of out there description is one that fits a lot of Phantom villains. Mike Bullock created one called Manuel Ortega, who blaims the Phantom for killing his wife and paints his disfigured face so that it resembles a skull, who would be great in a movie. So would General Bababu, despite the name. Singh I'd like to see saved for a potential sequel, origin sequences aside, but if Boyle can do something interesting with them in Legacy, bring 'em on.

The most important thing is that we stay out of Marvel/DC territory and sees a bad guy without superstrength or something.

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