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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

^ Yeah, I know Bob Kane was influenced primarily by Zorro(just as Lee Falk was when he created The Phantom) and The Bat Whispers. But I think The Phantom deserves quite a bit of credit in the creation of Batman and alot of credit for the success of Batman. Bob Kane's initial cunceptual, crude drawing of Batman was a guy dressed in red with a domino mask, like The Lone Ranger's, and had bat wings. Bill Finger, influenced by The Phantom's look, suggested that the mask be a hood, the costume be grey, and the pupils white. There's also The Skull Cave. So the question is; had it not been for The Phantom, would Batman's look had been as recognizeable and iconic as it turned out to be? Because remember, comicbooks are primarily, at least back then, a visual medium.

Also, I think it's important to remember that initially, in 1936, before the jungle setting was established, The Phantom operated in New York at night, while at day he was playboy Jimmy Wells. After Batman became very successful, in the format of the comicbook which was now overshadowing the newspaper comic strip and as a result Bats overshadowed The Phantom, Lee Falk felt forced to change The Phantom by placing him in the jungle and deprive him of a dual identity. As far as Lee Falk is concerned, Batman is a copy of The Phantom. He has expressed.

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