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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

Originally Posted by Walker View Post
I actually think a BB, TDK-like style would suit the character well. He is an extraordinary being in an ordinary world, and the semi-realism of Nolan's movies are essentially what we've seen done in the Phantom comic since it started.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being inspired by these movies, in fact, I applaud it if they are ambitious enough to try and reach that kind of quality. As I've said before, there are already two light hearted Phantom films that I enjoy, time for something different with the character on screen.
I totally support them to aspire for the quality of the recent Batman movies. What I don’t want is that they make a Phantom movie and take the liberties they took with the Batman character to fit a “realistic” world. I also don’t want them to try to explain every little detail like they did with Batman because you border the ridiculous. It’s like trying to explain how a light saber works. Who cares and what does it matter?

Originally Posted by Walker View Post
It's an excellent trilogy published in Phantom #17, 18 and 19, called Invisible Children, written by the ever excellent Mike Bullock, the best thing to happen to the character since, well, I can't remember that far back. Highly recommended reading!
Oh that’s what you were talking about. I have read it. I have all the Moonstone’s issues and some of the graphic novels too. I didn’t find “Invisible Children” that dark, deep or particularly good or well written. Actually I find the Moonstone run extremely poorly written . Really second rate stuff. In terms of American Phantom I find the DC and Marvel run way better than what Moonstone is doing now. It’s almost like they don’t have the money to hire the high end writers and need to make do with second rate ones not to mention what they did with the character.

By the way, actually it’s very clear that Batman was heavily inspired by Zorro. The Shadow himself was probably Zorro inspired too as were most pulp characters. Just look at the black hat and black cloak and facial cover. But Batman is an almost straight knock off rip off of Zorro. He’s just an updated Zorro. There are more similarities than differences and the differences pretty much sum up to just what was needed to update him to the 20th century. The only major difference is really the bat motive. Now from the Shadow Batman just really took the creeping out the criminals aspect because the mystery and creature of the night is also from Zorro. The fact Batman had a gun in the beginning doesn’t mean he is mostly influenced by the Shadow. If one can’t see Batman is Zorro in a bat costume and set in the 20th century instead of 19th I don’t know what could be more obvious than that. Just line up all character traits and you will clearly see it, even down to the cowl mask. Batman just added the pointy ears.

And the Batcave is also inspired by the Fox cave from Zorro and not the Skull cave which was probably also inspired by the Fox cave itself. From the Phantom all Batman took was the tights and the blank eyes which became standard for superheroes.

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