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Originally Posted by Ultradude View Post
I totally support them to aspire for the quality of the recent Batman movies. What I don’t want is that they make a Phantom movie and take the liberties they took with the Batman character to fit a “realistic” world. I also don’t want them to try to explain every little detail like they did with Batman because you border the ridiculous. It’s like trying to explain how a light saber works. Who cares and what does it matter?
Hm, I don't know... I definetely see and understand your point, but I think the heightened reality thing could actually work damn well with a Phantom movie, even better than Batman, since the Phantom's "universe" is a lot more realistic and down to earth than Batman's. He doesn't fight villains as over the top as Mr. Freeze or Clayface. In fact, I'd say the most unrealistic element of the Phantom is the fact he manages to wear an extremely hot costume in Africa!

I guess by modernizing the character, the producers are going to take some liberties anyway, so they might as well look to BB and TDK when doing it, IMO.

Though I quite liked it in the Zane film, I hope the new film stays away from the supernatural. The Phantom is supposed to be an extraordinary being in an ordinary world, and I hope it stays that way in a film. There have been stories with supernatural elements from Egmont and probably other publishers, but Falk always stayed away from it, and sometimes "hinted" on the supernatural rather than showing it full time.

Oh that’s what you were talking about. I have read it. I have all the Moonstone’s issues and some of the graphic novels too. I didn’t find “Invisible Children” that dark, deep or particularly good or well written. Actually I find the Moonstone run extremely poorly written . Really second rate stuff. In terms of American Phantom I find the DC and Marvel run way better than what Moonstone is doing now. It’s almost like they don’t have the money to hire the high end writers and need to make do with second rate ones not to mention what they did with the character.
Really? I love Moonstone's work on the character. I think Bullock is doing an excellent job with the comic. He's done a fine job keeping the classic Falk tone while updating the character's environment a great deal.

If you haven't already, you should check out their graphic novels Man-Eaters (their best story IMO), The Phantom: Legacy, and Law of the Jungle.

I loved the DC run too. Mark Verheiden took the character to new places, and wrote some tremendously emotional and affecting stories.

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