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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

IM has always been one of my favorites too. The thing about these two movies: they're both good.

Here's the facts:
I saw both twice in theatres. (TDK after a push from a friend the 2nd time)
I have watched TDK once since then and have no desire to do so again any time soon.
I have watched IM upwards of 9 times since then (every Fri night for a bit...^^"...then school got in the way)

I think that IM is the more enjoyable movie, plain and simple. Not to say that TDK isn't good, but IM is more enjoyable. To me.

I have a friend who refuses to like IM cause she hates that character with what seems like every fiber of her being...

That, and I LOVED BB, but to me TDK was not as good as BB and slightly overhyped.

Thought I should add something:
IM and TDK are very different films. I prefer films to have a lightheartedness to them, honestly. Which is why I prefer BB over TDK. And why I prefer IM over either. Another thing: I think Bale is a terrible Batman. Liam Neeson carried BB. Ledger and Eckhart carried TDK. I think RDJ is the perfect IM: it worked really, really well. But, then again, I've always liked Downey...

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