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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

Both films are over-hyped, IMO. They were both good, enjoyable movies, but neither are great films. Since we're on the IM forum, I'll say that my major problem with Ironman is that things were far too easy for him, which kinda flies in the face of the original Marvel concept. It was supposed to be about a guy who has everything, and yet has to live in an iron prison. So his life isn't as enviable as it appears.

But in the film, you have from the very beginning, this guy skating through EVERYTHING. His chest gets blown open and yet he never seems to be in any pain. He builds next level technology in a cave for goodness sakes with no problem. He creates the greatest most advanced personal weapon and defense system in human history (He takes out an F-22 without trying. Imagine if he WAS trying) as though it were a hobby shop project. No suit malfunctions. No puzzling over how to make this thing work. And apparently it was all done for free. And I really didn't like the whole tossing around of the term "superhero". Especially since all of that followed the depeiction of young soldiers losing their lives. A superhero isn't someone with superior weaponry destroying lesser eneimes. A superhero is someone that puts it all on the line in the face of thier own mortality for the common good. Someone who's not simply super themselves, but faces superhuman odds and overcomes them. Stark is never in any real danger in the movie.

And there was the problem with the villain. Jeff Bridges was certainly good in the role. But what was the deal with Stane? Why on Earth would he want Stark dead, when as the story clearly illustrates, he can't do a damn thing without him?

There's no taking away from Downey's performance, which was great. And like I said, it was a fun movie. But this is not a watershed in comic movie history. I guess its just that there have been so many disappointments with comic films that one that's a smooth ride throughout seems like a a thing of pure gold.

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