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Default Re: Tim Boyle's The Phantom

Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
Also, Dark Knight has a lot of CGI, but it was blended in so well that you didn't noticed: Gotham's skyline was CGI enhanced by Double Negative and Framestone, for example. I think that's the way to go: Use CGI as a tool when it's impossible to do it in real life. Otherwise, try to be creative about it and not just do in post (look at Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are). CGI is not evil, but misusing it is.
Completely agreed.
I never knew the things you point out were CG in TDK, so it shows how well it is done.

Slightly offtopic; I just recieved and read The Phantom Annual #2(Moonstone) guest-starring Mandrake. Very fun read!
I'll be getting it when the series relaunch. The fanboy in me would love to see a Phantom/Mandrake movie one day, but that's not gonna happen since the rights are with different companies. Last thing I heard of the Mandrake movie was that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is starring. I hope the film will happen, as a new Mandrake movie is long overdue.

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