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Default Re: James Gordon Jr?

Originally Posted by Two-Face=Badass View Post
Killing his dad, killing (then ressurecting) his girlfriend, killing his best friend (Connor). Now that is downright stupid to force that much tragedy on a character who's entire purpose is to contrast Batman's personality. I don't get what you mena by "aging" his character, but all I see it doing now is making Tim a d!ck who couldn't care less about his girlfriend or killing two kids, yet loves to gamble with people's lives. That's not Tim, that's someone trying to make Tim into a "hardcore" character when he's clearly not and shouldn't be.
It helps add age to Tim by cutting away unnecessary side characters that only serve to remind us that Tim is still 16 or 17 when in reality he should be much older.

I think that "forcing" Tim to be a hardcore character isn't really bad in respect to what's going on with Batman. For Tim to react to Batman's death in any other way then becoming "hardcore" it wouldn't be realistic development to me.

But you are right, the way Tim acts now, that's not the way Tim used to act. When half the sub-plots revolved around his old girlfriend and his new girlfriend there was definitely a Dawson's Creek feel to book. It played on Tim's apparent innocence. I think that events that Tim has caused (His father's death for instance) serve to strengthen a character into someone who can last longer than Jason Todd did.

For many side-kicks if they don't experience some changes then we get bored when them and kick them to the side. Look at Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow there is some character development. Albeit I feel that Roy's story line was handle much better than Tim's has been so far I still say that the development will serve to make Tim a stronger character in the long run.

Originally Posted by The Battousai View Post
I almost thought you were being serious, but then I remembered that this is the internet :up:

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Agreed Walrus.
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