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Default Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

Originally Posted by SUPERBENITEZ View Post
I know; It was just a bit of friendly ribbing.

What you say makes sense.

The thing is though, the IM films are gonna have to deal with the magical aspect at some point - if not with the Mandarin, certainly with the apparent inclusion of Thor as a cameo and definately with IM being in the Avengers.
In that case, sorry if I came off as a bit too defensive.

But I see what you mean about how they will have to incorporate the more fantastical elements into the IM franchise eventually since they plan on using the Mandarin down the line, along with the character's inevitable involvement in the Avengers.

Its just that I feel that as far as the solo IM franchise is concerned, I'd prefer that the magical/fantastical elements be kept to a minimum. Even if they are going to have to be added sooner or later.

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