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Default Re: Favorite moment in the trilogy?

Well lets see I am watching X-Men 3 Last Stand right now. I have a few favorite scenes from that..

-The Golden Gate Brige scene. I was impressed with how well it was done, I mean there all standing at the end there just waiting for Magneto to take care of it. Pretty cool if you ask me.

-I also like the big battle at the end, fav bits between that has to be Kitty taking care of JuggerNott. Wolverine um kicking that one guy in his balls so he can't grow those back LOL. Beast attacking his prey, his speech to Wolverine was also funny.

-The Fire V.S Ice scene was also cool. Man do I wish it was longer though.

-Wolverines fight in the woods was also pretty cool.

-In the begining there was a talk between Rouge and Wolverine about her leaving to take away her powers. I liked Wolverines speech to Rouge, made me wish they had more scenes in the film.

-I also really liked Bobby's/Kittys scenes. I thought they were more cute together but that's me.

X-Men 2

-Wolverine V.S Striker

-Magneto breaking out of jail

-Jean sacraficing herself in the end

-Jean V.S Scott

-Pyro burning up those cops. Sad yes but very cool and good acting.

-First appearnce of Night Crawler


-Wolverines introduction

-Wolverine and Rouges first meeting

-SaberTooths attack

-Magneto's attack on the world

Wolverine V.S SaberTooth fight on top of the Statue of Liberty, short yes but still kind of fun

Wolverine giving Scott the fingure with his one claw. It was funny

Thats all my favorite bits.

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