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Default Re: Official NEW MUTANTS Discussion Thread

Christ almighty. New Mutants volume 3 comes in 2003 for 13 issues then is relaunched to New X-Men Academy X in 2005 for the first 20 issues which then becomes simply New X-Men under a new writing team, which ends after issue 43 (or something) in 2008 which is then relaunched to Young X-Men which ran 12 issues and now in 2009 they will relaunch it as New Mutants...volume 4.

WTF is wrong with Marvel?

I get that this with be the "old team" reunited, but they began to do that in the 2003 series which brought in all the new youngsters as well. I'm sure fans would be most happy for a title that combines the old generation with the new, as advisors and students, etc, but they just keep effing it up every time they re-launch or re-do something!

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