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Default Re: The History of Transforming Robots! (abridged)

Very nice write-up on the history of transforming robots, Lizard. Ever since I was young, I had obsessed with Japanese robot toys and animations, with Macross, Voltron, Mazinger-Z as some of my favorites. I think you left out a combiner robot which had 15 vehicles combing to form one gigantic robot (I forgot the name). What's striking about this combiner is that those 15 can form into 3 teams of 5, one for air, another for land, and last one for sea. Each team is also a mini combiner team, because the 5 vehicles can combine to become an unique vehicle, although none of the vehicles can become a robot, only when all 15 combine at once. I own the toy when I was young and I had fond memories of it.

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