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Default Re: Official NEW MUTANTS Discussion Thread

I drew up the comparison before, but Dani constantly having the long pigtails (and occasionally feathers in her hair) is a lot like putting Sunspot in a Carnaval suit. It's like putting Sunfire in a kimono with a ponytail.

Dani is like one of the minority Superfriends. The most prominent thing about those characters was their flagrant tokenism. Apache Chief was a Native American who spoke like an Old West movie stereotype, always wore a headband, and had a codename that described his ethnicity better than his powers.

Dani Moonstar always has long pigtails, sometimes has feathers in her hair, shot her psychic powers from an arrow, was the only one who could communicate with Wolfsbane in animal form, and is now using her surname as a codename.

Just look at the above artwork. Magma is always on fire, Cannonball is always mid-flight, Magik has her glowing sword, and Sunspot is always in his dark light-absorption mode. Dani Moonstar is the only one wearing cultural trappings on her costume, and she's shooting an arrow half the time.

I've got a million rants like these. Ever wonder why Jubilee was a Chinese girl who shot fireworks and knows gymnastics?

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