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Default Re: Official NEW MUTANTS Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by OutcryX View Post
ok, weren't the Hellions all eradicated by Sentinels? or was that like a third string team...i remember a character named beefcake or something. it was an awesome issue. it was the birth of the XMen gold team. Jean, Storm, Colossus, Iceman(i think). bishop was introduced a few issues was my first issue i ever bought of aunt had given me the one where storm beats cyclops for leadership of the x-men.
No, most of the Hellions were killed off. The living Hellions are Empath, Magma, Firestar, Warpath and Tarot. By the time the sentinel attack occured, Empath and Magma had left for Nova Roma, Warpath was in X-Force, and Firestar was a New Warrior. Tarot died but showed up alive in X-force as part of the New Hellions group

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