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Default Cool movie but.....

I think this is a very well made movie, made almost entirely by Downey Jr. in the lead, but the rest, ranging from supporting actors to action sequences is entertaining aswell.

But, I have one problem with the movie.
I think it's hughely sexist. Really, to the point of it bothering me.

The fact that all women turn into total ****s at the look of Tony Stark is simply scandalous and barbaric. When looking at the deleted scenes on the DVD one can see the epitome of this in the Dubai party scene. A man gives two women as a present to Stark for his birthday. Seriously? In this day and age? Then, when passing a woman in the hallyway Stark sees a random woman and asks; Would you like to come with us? And ofcourse, she does. Without hesitating.

I can see why they cut out this truly stunning bit of sexism, but a lot of it's spirit was left in the movie. I think I don't need to specifically mention all the scenes in which Stark picks up women.

I'm not a holy man, I like to see a (half)naked woman as much as the next man, and I'm not preaching but this sexism really jumped out to me.

Anyone else noticed this? Anybody know any women who were as appalled as I am? I can easily imagine.

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