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Default Re: The History of Transforming Robots! (abridged)

Another thing is that many Transformers released in 1985 and 1986 were diaclones/Microchangers that Takara never released. As in 1985 they scrapped Diaclone Car Robo's and Microman Micro change in favor of Transformers. Such toys as the 1985 mini-bots, Astrotrain. And the 1986 "scramble city" combiners, and Metroplex. These guys were originally going to be part of another Diaclone subline. And all 21 bots could combine with each other in various ways. Such as the base modes of 4 the combiner team leaders being able to combine with Metroplex's city mode. And the 16 limb bots being able to combine with Metroplex in robot mode, but not all at once.

Gotta track down that pic with all 4 on Metroplex.

I for one welcome our new red flamed, fish-lipped savior. May he always defend us from the scrap metal Devil.
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