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Originally Posted by Daredevil_2003 View Post
This has probably, no scratch that, it has to have been done before, but I'm curious. What is your favorite score of the three movies? And which is your favorite theme? (non-movie ones apply here)

I've been a little more into X-Men this week after watching Hulk vs and reading some of my old comics so I went and listened to parts of all 3 scores today.

With that said, I have to go with Michael Kamen's score to X1. It just screams 'X-Men' to me. Before the film ever even came out I always imagined music like this when I read or thought about X-Men. The theme is edgey, kind of sinister but still heroic. And the Magneto/Brotherhood string theme is just awesome. I always find myself humming it whenever I see Mags.

John Ottman's X2 was lame, IMO. I just am not feeling it.

John Powell made a great attempt with X3, easily a close second, but Kamen's score just oozes the atmosphere of the whole X-world far more. The only thing from it that's really iconic, IMO, is the Pheonix theme. A truly epic piece of music for a character/story arc that deserved so much more.

So anyway, X1 is the definitive score for the X-Men, as far as this nut is concerned. It just hits every chord perfectly. From the main theme heard best in 'X-Jet' to the action pieces to that absolutely gorgeous piece called 'Logan and Rogue'...this one is really the bee's knees. The movie was far from perfect, but it too was also the best of the series, IMO. This is about the music, however, so enough of that.

What's your take, guys?
One of the things I loved about the X1 score was that there was also a hint of electronica mixed into the score. Fav track is 'X-Jet'. Plus the music they used in the trailers were great too.

X2, was decent.

X3, was ok but at times sounded like they were trying too hard to get that superhero epic sound. And I didn't like that Powell repeated the theme over and over again.

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