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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread

Joker's I did indeed like...especially his clothing...They combined these two designs to make the best looking Joker on television.

I believe the middle was the original design, based off of Batman Returns' take, much like Penguin. I was hard to make completely black characters back then.

This had to be one of the best redesigns, it was so good and frightening, Timm and co didn't want to show him without his mask.

My personal good I kinda wish they would re animate BTAS with this design. The original run they were forced to base his design after Batman Returns.

Ivy's clothes are better, however...the pale skin I don't really care for...but I guess there was a reasonable explaination for that...

No...No, No, No...NO. The spandex look is kinda supid...and did he have to be bald? This was when they mixed both designs together in the comic series. It's basically the TNBA head on the BTAS body. This would be my favorite design...had it existed *cries*

Well, I think my post is getting rather I better hang it up now.

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