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Default Re: The Official Batman TAS Thread

I don't know, I personally didn't like his re-characterization of the scarecrow.

I thought they nailed it the first time, and the re-design felt like a totally new character, and not Johnathon Crane, had they created a new character and used that character, I would of been happy. Alas, Its not scarecrow to's more like a killercroc version of scarecrow (if that makes sense?).

I forgot about the good guys re-designs, I found bruce to look much younger, penguin didn't seem as dastardly can't say I liked his re-design, poison ivy seemed toooo cartoony same with catwoman, umm, gordon was good, robin, bullock was fine.

Yeah, i was surprised they re-designed the riddler so much, he was only in one episode and he wasn't even real. it was like a flash back of some sorts if I remember correctly, or the mad hatter perhaps? not sure why they would re-design him.

Clayface was way better in the new one.

I really find those before and after shots don't really do B:TAS justice, they were a lot better I guess fluidly then they look standing still like that.

Joker I always found was wearing a robin style mask in B:TAS for the first couple of episodes, didnt like that much, and in B: TNBA...he didn't make me feel like I was supposed to laugh at much,

but in JL..he cracks me up.

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