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Default Re: The Official Beast Wars Thread

They need to continue the story. There is still more if you you really think about it. Like back on prehistoric earth, Dinobot TM2 clone, he was created with the spark of Rampage, who is indestructible. So he could still be alive and well, and maybe he found a way back to cybertron. There were also designs created for Dinobot to return in the Transtech series they were gonna create. Depthcharge was supposed to return as well. Transtech needs to be created still. Even now with the Transformers Revenge of The Fallen. Its said that Michael Bay and the design team used designs of Transtech as a building block for the character designs of the movie. So i think it would be interesting to see a Transformers show, like transtech, on TV, it would show a really interesting side to cybertron rather then the one on the big screen. And it would also have continuity with the BW and BM.

Movie Megatron:
Transtech Megatron:

Idk about you gyus but they look similar, not to mention Megatron would have looked incredible on the small screen.

Movie Optimus:
Transtech Optimus:

Optimus looks similar as well, the head and parts of the body. I really would love to see these designs on the small screen again, to continue the story of the BW's and BM's arch.

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