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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
Well I found there to be far fewer plot holes in IM, I gotta say. Basically I found only a couple:

1: Stark survives the crash in the sand in the Mark 1 armor(that should've killed him, even with the armor on).

2: Stane figured out how to work the Iron Monger armor way too fast even though being over-sized it should be more difficult to get used to than Iron Man's armor(which took Tony, who's even smarter, a while to get used to).
Based on the style of nitpicking of TDK for not being 100% realistic, you could consider the Iron Man suit itself to be a plot hole. I'd say that's a pretty damn big plot hole considering the whole movie revolves around it. Hell, all the technology in his house is over the top and completely impractical.

And I'll give you one plot hole from Iron Man that has nothing to do with the technology. His captors must have been some of the damn dumbest captors ever to allow him to build something that clearly wasn't what they'd told him to build. They had the blueprints of what it was supposed to look like, yet they did a typical, poor job of monitoring what was going on...same kind of crap that's been going on in movies for decades. The bad guys (in this case terrorists) portrayed as completely helpless. Likewise, SWAT is portrayed as completely helpless in TDK. Yet another cliche.

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