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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

So, I was just thinking about this: Ever since I got The Dark Knight on DVD for Christmas, I've only watched it once. When I got Iron Man on DVD for my birthday back in October, I watched it about three or four times in that one week. I also saw Iron Man in theaters more times than The Dark Knight.

Also, my family just got a BluRay player. Which movie did my family want to get first? Iron Man. I've watched it another two times since we got it on BluRay. My Dark Knight DVD is collecting dust as I type this.

People can say what they want about the quality of each movie. I just think that Iron Man is the more enjoyable (and charming) one of the two. As I've said before, I love The Dark Knight ... I just think that the hype has been overkill for me. I need to wait a while before I can watch it again.

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Well I'll never mark points off of TDK
... And you shouldn't, because TDK is THE MOST PERFECT MOVIE EVAR.

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